Eyelash Extensions

At BéLashii you receive your own customized set of eyelash extensions, tailored to fit you & your lifestyle - perfectly! 

Classic full set $120                   

One extension per lash, 2-4 weeks in between fills, customized look

Classic fills - 1 week $40 - 2 week $58 - 3 week $68 - 4 week $80


BéLashii Specialty Mix (hybrid) full set $190

Mix of volume lashes & classic lashes, 2-4 weeks in between fills, for a little extra volume or to fill in gaps in lashes, 100% customized for your perfect look

Hybrid fills - 1 week $45 - 2 week $65 - 3 week $75 - 4 week $90

Volume full set $220 - $260 

Customized fans, 2-6 thin extensions per lash, 2-5 weeks in between fills, more customizable {can achieve very soft natural looks or dramatic full looks},  EXPERT technique is unique to BéLashii

Volume fills - 1 week $50 - 2 week $68 - 3 week $80 - 4 week $100 - 5 week $120

Volume Upgrade - $86 (Upgrading from classic to volume)

Hybrid Upgrade - $76 (Upgrading from classic to hybrid)

New client fill $80

New clients to BéLashii who are currently wearing eyelash extensions

Our lashes are applied individually with a precise technique exclusive to BéLashii, which prevents sticking or clumping. Making our lashes weightless, damage free, & long lasting. With proper care, our volume lashes can go up to 5 weeks in between fills! Your natural lashes are never compromised at BéLashii & your eyelash extensions are always flawless.

You haven't experienced great lashes until you've tried BéLashii's lashes. 

100% customized

Extensions not your thing?

Give your lashes a semi-permanent curl with a lash lift that lasts up to 8 weeks, only $65!

Lash lifts are perfect for those who have medium to long natural lashes and don't want to deal with the maintenance of having eyelash extensions.  

Leave everyone in BéLashii, with your very own customized eyelash extensions!

Upgrade your lashes @ Bélashii! 

Located in West Saint Paul, MN

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